Updated 27-7-2017

Our own Club Cliché PA System


4 x 250 watt Speakers

Several High Output Amplifiers,

Proffesional Dj Turntables, Proffesional Dj Cd Players.

Mic and Mixing Equipment etc.

Enough For Music demands up to

± 400 People!!

(see pics here)

EQ and Crossover Racks

are Available To Cope with even Difficult

Audio Location Circumstances.

And Club Cliché has it's own

Qualified Sound Engineer on Board.

(see here)

If Needed Club Cliché

Has access to 4 x Tower

built 800 watts Speakersystems

With it's own Amplifiers

and EQ and Crossover Racks.

For Music demands over

600 People!!

(See here)

So if you want to hire, One or Two or more

of our Deejays from The Collective!

We garantee You a Splendid Musical Experience!!

For info on pricing and all.

Contact us