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Popcorn Video on YouTube ( it's back )

Video on YouTube!

Our Next Popcorn Oldies Event

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More info on Boppin' Popcorn Oldies! Sorry some are in Dutch.

Popcorn Research Center Blog (B)

More about the Special PopCorn Dance (B)

Popcorn Related Info By Jean Dupree Blog (NL)

Boppin Popcorn Oldies. (NL)

Explanation by Marc Uytenhove (BE)

The Video about the Popcorn Godfathers


Popcorn Oldies, has it always been like this!


Article about Popcorn in The Guardian


Article on The Web The Sir's Corner


Soulful New Popcorn Sound in Belgium.


Different Styles in Soul, Northern Soul and Popcorn Soul prt 1

Different Styles in Soul, Northern Soul and Popcorn Soul prt 2

Info on Famous Belgian Popcorn Bootleg Albums


For most Sites into Popcorn oldies ! Please click on these links!

www.popcornoldies.com (B)


www.popcornoldies.org (B)

Rare Soul Music and Popcorn Music (B) (english)

V-Rocket Internet Radio Group Page (NL)

Into the V-Rocket Internet Radio Chatroom.

Modern Popcorn Beat old! (Fr)

Modern Popcorn Beat! New website!! (Fr)

Soul Weekends Germany! (D)

Miss Twist lady Popcorn deejay (NL)

Cafe Brel met Piet Popcorn, Amsterdam (NL)

Back to the Popcorn in Amsterdam ( let op Facebook events! )

Miss Popcorn Linda Couldstone on Youtube (UK)

Cafe Tikis Rotterdam (NL)

Hip to the Jive webcomments here(NL)!

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” ”Sorry All Popcorn Oldies Programs on Radio Benelux are Ended “ “

Radio Popcorn Eden

FingerPoppin ”Soul” op WebRadio

Popcorn City Radio Playlist (B)

Every Saturday Evening 8pm Cet Popcorncity at Radio Minerva(B)